New things a’brewing!

My gosh, what a week, right? Did you watch that game? I’m so excited as an already football fan that I have new swiftie friends to teach about the game. Super Bowl parties about to be lit, right?

I have a few new shirts and hoodies in the shop, go explore the menu above! And I’ve started selling friendship bracelets. CLICK HERE for the mystery bundle pack, which is $10 for 5 gorgeous ones! Buy 2 bundles and get free bracelets!

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All new Swiftie Merch

There’s been SO MUCH new merchandise added to the site! Where there were only prayer candles before, now there are adult and children’s tshirts, hoodies, and even some drinkware and jewelry! There’s so much more on the way too!

Below let me share with you the tshirts I made for my kiddo and me to wear to the Eras Tour movie! He’s almost as much of a swiftie as I am, so I knew we had to wear something matching. Maybe you can find twinsie Swiftie outfits here for you and yours!